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Sessions can be scheduled in person or via teleconference (skype).


If you are interested in Focusing Training and are new to Focusing I recommend that you start with a Focusing session to get a direct experience of the process.

Sessions run about 1 hour and can be taken in person in the Rockridge district of Oakland CA (conveniently located near BART) or by phone/skype.

The cost of the introductory session is $80

To schedule your introductory session or ask any questions Contact us.



You can also schedule a session if you are looking for support in any of the following areas:

Emotional Distress

Preparation for challenging events (i.e. surgery, presentations, tests)

Stress, Shock, Trauma (Focusing and Somatic Experiencing)

Life Direction and Life Transitions

Leadership and Deep Listening

Motivation, Self-growth and Creativity

Experiential Thinking and Writing (including dissertation writing and writer’s block)

To schedule a session, Contact us.

COST: $100 for a 1 hour session or $80 each for 3 sessions booked simultaneously. The rate of $60 per hour is also available to low income clients.

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in the area of TRAUMA:

Francesca has trained in complex trauma with Shirley Turcotte through the Focusing Institute of New York (2008-2010), and is a certified Somatic Experiencing Practitioner (2012) from the Somatic Experiencing Trauma Institute in Colorado. Francesca integrates the two approaches and is dedicated to support you in the following areas:

Preparing for potentially stressful events like surgery, challenging tests or presentations/performances.

Shock or traumas arising from one time events like car accidents, rape or physical attacks, poisoning, surgical operations, or surviving natural disaster.

Familial trauma like sexual abuse, divorce, family violence, pre- and perinatal trauma, childhood neglect.

Ongoing emotional trauma as well as chronic distress such as chronic pain, chronic illness, or depression.

Intergenerational trauma like displacement, migration, ongoing refugee status, cultural and political oppression, poverty, ecological racism or abuse, and war.

Vicarious trauma i.e. witnessing any of the above … including by working as a helping professional with traumatized populations/clients.

Francesca approaches each session with you as a dance in which she carefully attunes to your rhythms, impulses, and stirrings while tracking your neuro-physiological states and supporting self-regulation. Given the profound neuro-hormonal implications of trauma, the capacity to track and stabilize your physical and affective states while exploring relevant life issues is a central aspect of our healing journey.

Francesca is also committed to an anthropological approach to trauma, engaging a client-centered spirituality and a felt-sense of broader historical currents that help clients bringing perspective to their own individual life history and break the isolation and stigma that typically surrounds trauma.

The reconfiguration of identity that accompanies the healing journey has deep effects at all levels of the person, from the working of the immune system (in charge at the physiological level to differentiate between self and non-self), to one's own personal sense of self, to one's own sense of belonging within a larger collective body.

COST: $100 for a 1 hour session or $80 each for 3 sessions booked simultaneously. Sessions are meant to be in person, but can be available via phone or skype once we have begun working together.

To schedule a session, Contact us.

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Ongoing Tutorials

Special Events

Third International Conference of Focusing Oriented Therapies, 2014

May 15 - 18 2014

Stony Point, NY



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