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Meeting at the Edge 2009:
Focusing in the Body-Centered Professions

SEPTEMBER 22-26, 2009

Lake Zurich


Our bodies do our living... Our bodies don't lurk in isolation behind the five peepholes of perception: we act from the bodily sense of each situation. –Gene Gendlin

Focusing is a somatic practice that establishes a deep connection between body-process and language and invites to us to dwell deeper in exploring the transition from verbal to non-verbal modes of processing and vice versa. We have found that when we bring Focusing to our non-verbal body-centered practices (body-work, movement awareness, yoga, acupuncture) we can facilitate the integration of what happened in the session in ways that have profound implications for the overall direction of healing. On the other hand when we bring our body-centered practices to Focusing the process unfolds and opens up to new depths. This workshop is intended for professionals interested in exploring the richness and potentials of bringing together Focusing and our body-centered therapies.

FOR WHOM: This workshop is geared to teachers and practitioners in the fields of body-work, yoga, movement therapy and dance, acupuncture, body-oriented or experiential psychotherapy, and related disciplines, who also have a basic knowledge of Focusing.

If you are interested in coming but have no experience in Focusing, you can contact Focusing Pathways to learn about upcoming workshops or tutorials that will prepare you for the event. A short introduction to Focusing will also be offered as part of this event, the day before the official start of the workshop.

WORKSHOP STRUCTURE: Our main objective in this residential workshop is to create an environment that is explorative, creative, and collaborative. Rather than privileging presentations of already well established techniques, attitudes, concepts, or methods we are wanting to foster an encounter that supports the exploration of what is at the edge of your knowing, rich in fecundity and possibilities even when tentative and subtle.

ORGANIZING BOARD: We formed at the Focusing International Conference in Costa Rica in 2004 as the Focusing and Body-work/Movement Interest Group. We are practitioners from varied disciplines including Feldenkrais, Shiatsu, Trager, Reiki, Acupuncture, Esalen Massage, Yoga and dance improvisation.

We have organized our first Meeting at the Edge in May, 2007 on the island of Ischia, Italy as volunteers. This year's conference is also a non-profit, peer-led event to which we bring our dedication and passion, holding a collective vision of sharing and learning. We are:

Jack Blackburn (US); Francesca Castaldi (US/Italy); Claudia Conza (Switzerland); Nicoletta Corsetti (Italy); Mathias Dekeyser (Belgium); Larry Hurst (US/UK); Stephen Scholle (US).

REGISTRATION: We encourage you to register by January 1st, 2009 to get an early registration discount and to secure your place at the conference.

For more information and registration please visit our website at www.mae2009.org.


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